A mold is a hollow metal block into which molten plastic is injected to from a certain fixed shape. Although they are not illustrated in the figure shown below, actually there are many holes drilled in the block for temperature control by means of hot water, oil or heaters.


Molten plastic flows into a mold through a sprue and fills cavities by way of runners and gates. Then, the mold is opened after cooling process and the ejector rod of the injection molding machine pushes the ejector plate of the mold to further eject moldings.

A mold, in the context of injection molding, is a hollow metal block or tooling that is used to shape and form the molten plastic material into a specific shape. The mold consists of two halves, the stationary half (cavity) and the moving half (core), which are designed to create the desired shape and features of the final product.

The mold also includes various components for temperature control, such as channels or holes for circulating hot water, oil, or heaters. This helps to regulate the temperature of the mold and ensure proper cooling and solidification of the plastic.

The molten plastic material is injected into the mold through a sprue, which is a channel that leads from the injection unit of the machine to the mold cavity. From the sprue, the plastic flows into the mold cavities through runners and gates. Runners are channels that distribute the plastic material to multiple cavities, while gates are narrow openings that control the flow of plastic into each cavity.

After the plastic has filled the mold and undergone the cooling process, the mold is opened. The ejector rod of the injection molding machine then pushes the ejector plate, which is part of the mold, to release the molded parts from the mold cavities. This process is known as ejection, and it allows the molded parts to be removed from the mold for further processing or assembly.

Overall, the mold plays a crucial role in the injection molding process as it determines the final shape, features, and quality of the plastic parts or products being produced.

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